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Weredogs are a race of canine shapeshifters found in Solefor, Terranevo, and other countries in the world of LUMINE.

Appearance Edit

In their human forms, weredogs are just like regular people, but with dog ears and a tail. Much like actual dogs, their ears stick up when they are happy and flop down when they are sad.

In their feral forms, weredogs become ferocious, snarling canines with enhanced strength and speed. Certain weredogs transform into less frightening puppies instead.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As their name suggests, weredogs' primary ability is to transform into dogs, which enhances their physical capabilities. In their human forms, their speed, strength, agility, and resilience is still above those of regular humans.

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Werewolves Edit

Werewolves are a rare sub-race of weredogs, thought to be extinct. They are even stronger and faster than regular weredogs and for this, they are highly valued by hunters, who sell them on the black market. Lumine is a werewolf.

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  • In real life, modern domestic dogs are evolutionary descendants of wolves.

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