Silver is a member of the Neptune Defence Squad.

Appearance Edit

Silver has pale skin, short steel-blue hair, and two black ear piercings on either ear.


Personality Edit

Silver is quite easygoing and less strict than Sherry.

History Edit

Silver's history is unknown.

Plot Edit

Silver pretended to hold up a gas station market with Sherry, disguised as a robber with a rabbit mask. When he saw Kody and Lumine, he threatened to shoot them, but Lumine knocked him down with a kick.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a member of a Defence Squad, Silver probably can fight and use certain weapons with some level of competence.

Relationships Edit

Aiden Edit

Aiden is Silver's boss, but they are friendly with one another and get on well.

Elena Edit

Silver thinks Elena is attractive.[1]

Kody Edit

Kody trusts Silver, at least to a greater degree than with most people, as he can talk to Silver comfortably when he is usually cold and distant with most people. [2]

Lumine Edit

Silver was kicked down by Lumine when they first met[3], but there are no hard feelings between them.

Sherry Edit

Silver and Sherry are both members of the Neptune Defence Squad.

Trivia Edit

References Edit

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  2. Episode 5
  3. Episode 3

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