I'm just trying to talk sense into you.

~ Roy in Episode 14

Roy is a weredog student who attends Kody's school.

Appearance Edit

Roy is a fairly tall weredog boy. In his human form, he has shoulder length coppery-brown hair and similarly-coloured eyes, ears, and tail. On the second day of school, he wore a black t-shirt and grey pants.

Personality Edit

As a foil to his best friend, Roy is calm, composed, and logical. He doesn't care for fighting or disputes and keeps his cool even when people are shouting at him.

Plot Edit

Roy was walking with Mint-Haired Boy during recess on the second day of school when they came across Kody.[1] He tried to talk sense into his friend when he threatened to beat up Lumine. When recess ended, he walked away, leaving Mint-Haired Boy behind.[2]

Relationships Edit

Mint-Haired Boy Edit

His best friend. He helps him keep calm and stops him from flying into a rage over every little thing.

Elijah Edit

His best friend's younger brother.

References Edit

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