I won't forgive you.. Until I've beaten you to a pulp!

~ Mint-Haired Boy in Episode 13

The Mint-Haired Boy is one of Kody's classmates.

Appearance Edit

As his name suggests, he has mint hair and blue eyes. At the mall, he wore a blue hoodie and brown pants.[1][2] At school, he wore a red t-shirt.[3]

Personality Edit

A temperamental and easily-angered young man, it is no surprise that the Mint-Haired Boy spends much of his time shouting at people. He is prone to acting irrationally and violently. Judging by his reaction to getting flipped by Lumine, he holds grudges and doesn't forgive people easily.

Plot Edit

He made his first appearance during Kody and Lumine's shopping trip. He apparently knows Kody as he chased after him when he took the last copy of a video game they were both looking for. While chasing Kody, he was stopped by Lumine, who flipped him onto the floor.[1]

Later, he waited for Aiden to arrive and clear up the mess. He was visibly stunned when Aiden offered him a sizeable wad of money.[2]

He was next seen on the second day of school, trying to beat up Lumine for flipping him onto the floor during their previous encounter. Fortunately, his younger brother and best friend stepped in before the situation could escalate.[3]

Relationships Edit

Aiden Edit

Aiden bribed him to forget about the incident with Lumine and Kody.

Elijah Edit

Elijah is his younger brother.

Kody Edit

He knows Kody but doesn't seem to like him.

Lumine Edit

He dislikes Lumine for flipping him onto the floor in the mall, getting them thrown out in the process.

Roy Edit

He is his best friend.

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