This is an article on the minor characters in LUMINE who are left unnamed or only play a role in two or three episodes.

Hageman's Employees Edit

Hageman's Employees are two male members of Edward Hageman's Defence Squad. One is a weredog and the other is a human. They made fun of Lumine on his way out of Hageman's house.[1]

Thief Edit


The Thief or the pickpocket is a petty thief who lives in the city where Hageman's Defence Squad is situated. He has a slight hatred of Lumine due to the latter's foiling his pickpocketing attempt several months ago.[2]

Judging from his reactions when Kody and Lumine insulted him for stealing from others rather than getting a job, it is something he is rather sore about. During his "fight" with Aiden, he is shown to be pathetic, a coward, and foolish.[3]

Weredog Robbers Edit


The Weredog Robbers are a pair of weredogs who work with the Thief to rob civilians.

Human Bully Edit

Human Bully-10

One of the students who bullies Kody.

Weredog Bully Edit

LUMINE Bullies-14

One of the students who bullies Kody.

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