Lumine is the titular character of LUMINE, a young and clumsy but good-intentioned werewolf boy.

Appearance Edit

Lumine is of average height for a boy of his age, but looks short compared to the adults in the series. He has white hair, white ears, a white tail, and fair skin. He has sectoral heterochromia as his right eye is blue while his left eye is half-blue half-golden.


Personality Edit

At first, Lumine appears to weak, mild, and prone to mistakes: He has once gotten himself and Kody lost on the way to a well-known location in a city he has lived in for several months and even slept through an attack on Hageman's headquarters. Despite these shortcomings however, Lumine is loyal and faithful to his employers and possesses a strong sense of justice, as shown by how he stopped the pickpocketer, fought against the weredog robbers, and even attempted to protect Kody before becoming the latter's bodyguard.

History Edit

Lumine was born in Terranevo.[1] Sometime before the story began, he started working for Edward Hageman.

Plot Edit

Lumine's job with Hageman did not last long however as two months after he was hired, Lumine found himself fired and on the streets. With no place to stay, Lumine was tried to sleep outside, but was awakened by a lost Kody. Lumine attempted to lead Kody to the train station, but only succeeded in getting himself and Kody lost. Even worse, the two boys found themselves cornered by a pick-pocketer who would lead them to the train station if they give him money. Despite neither boy having no money, the pickpocketer attempted to steal Lumine's backpack, but Lumine retaliated. Cornered by both an angry pickpocketer and his two weredogs, Lumine had no choice but to transform...[2]

...and turned into a puppy. The situation became worse when the pickpocketer recognized that Lumine was the puppy that took a stolen wallet from his clutches and returned it to its rightful owner.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As a werewolf, Lumine can transform into a canine form. Unlike other weredogs, he has not mastered this transformation and turns into a tiny puppy instead of a gigantic wolf.

In his human form, he is incredibly strong and agile, as well as a skilled fighter. He was able to knock down Silver, a trained Defence Squad member, with a single kick. Silver described his kick as feeling as if his leg was made out of steel.

Relationships Edit

Edward Hageman Edit

Despite Lumine's good intentions, he ended up hurting Hageman more often that not. Usually quite a patient man, Hageman ended up firing Lumine and throwing him onto the streets.[2]

Elena Edit

Lumine's relationship with Elena.

Kody Edit

Lumine is currently Kody's bodyguard, but the latter is not fond of Lumine. Despite this, Lumine actively strives to the be the best bodyguard he can be for Kody.

Aiden Edit

Lumine's relationship with Aiden.

Robbers Edit

The thief hates Lumine for pointing out he should get a job and for thwarting his pickpocketing attempt months ago.

Silver Edit

Lumine's relationship with Silver.

Sherry Edit

Lumine's relationship with Sherry.

Trivia Edit

  • Lumine's name means to illuminate.
  • Lumine is adopted.[3]
  • Lumine plays harvesting games and monster catching games.[3]

References Edit

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