That's none of your concern.

~ Kody in Episode 9

Kody is a young witch boy and one of the main characters in LUMINE.

Appearance Edit

Kody has dark skin, dark brown hair, and green eyes. He has black studs in either ear. He also has a beauty mark under his left eye.

Personality Edit

Kody is cold and brusque towards strangers. He doesn't like relying on others to solve his problems and believes telling adults never fixes anything.[1]

History Edit

Two years before the beginning of the series, Kody was already being bullied by Calla, who hated him for unknown reasons.[2] However, Elijah decided to befriend him anyway and they ended up being good friends[3] until they had a falling out.

Plot Edit

Kody found Lumine sleeping in the open behind a building and asked him for directions to the train station. However, they got lost and were accosted by a gang of robbers. Kody infuriated one of them by telling him to get a job, inciting them into attacking.[4] Fortunately, they were saved by Aiden, Kody's father.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Despite being a witch, it is implied that Kody cannot cast spells, possibly due to the Black Cat Spirit.

  • Potion-Making: Kody knows how to make potions, but it is implied that he frequently makes them wrong.
  • Spirit Vision: Like all other witches, Kody can see spirits. He can also touch them.[5]

Relationships Edit

Lumine Edit

Kody does not trust Lumine and refuses to let him be his bodyguard. When Kody first met Lumine, his clumsiness and ineptitude at weredog transformation left Kody less than wowed. However, he seems to be gradually warming up to Lumine

Aiden Edit

Aiden is Kody's loving, caring father. Despite this, Kody is quite cold towards him.

Thief and Weredog Robbers Edit

Unlike Lumine, Kody is hardly fazed by their attempts to take his money.

Silver Edit

Silver works alongside Aiden in the Neptune Defence Squad and seems to have some level of familiarity with Kody, judging by their conversations.[6]

Sherry Edit

While Kody's interactions with Sherry have not been seen much, it can be presumed that they know each other well enough, as Sherry works alongside Aiden in the Neptune Defence Squad.

Black Cat Spirit Edit

Kody is seen hanging around with a spirit that takes the form of a black cat in the attic.[7] Some have speculated it to be the cause of his perpetual bad luck.

However, he seems to be protective of it as he refuses to get rid of it when his father asks him to.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • Kody's personality was swapped with Lumine's in the original version of the comic, according to the creator's twitter.

References Edit

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Navigation Edit

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