Humans are a race of people found in Solefor, Terranevo, and other countries in the world of LUMINE.

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Humans in LUMINE look just like humans in real life.

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Unlike witches and weredogs, humans possess no supernatural abilities. However, some humans, like Silver of the Neptune Defence Squad, are proficient in dealing with supernatural people.

Humans also as shown in Episode 29 can drink Witch Blood to gain supernatural powers like witches

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  • It is currently unknown if humans in LUMINE actually are the same species as weredogs and witches.
  • If people were able to drink Witch Blood does that make them vampire since Lumine’s world is filled with witches, which are considered as monsters, and weredogs?

Weredogs are considered to be a close relative to werewolves and werewolves are considered to be monsters in movies.

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