Episode Release Date Summary
Episode 1May 7, 2017When Lumine, a young werewolf, is fired by his employee and thrown onto the streets, he meets a young witch named Kody and runs into a gang of petty thieves and weredog robbers.
Episode 2May 7, 2017Lumine fights against the gang and is badly beaten up, but a surprising stranger intervenes when he loses.
Episode 3May 7, 2017Lumine's rescuer and new employer, Aiden, drives Lumine and Kody, his son, to a gas station, where the duo find themselves in the middle of another robbery.
Episode 4May 14, 2017After being assigned as Kody's bodyguard, Lumine tries to get him to warm up to him, but it seems that it will take Kody more than a day to trust his new werewolf protector.
Episode 5May 21, 2017After his interview with Aiden, Lumine is more determined than ever for Kody to accept him as his bodyguard, but he might have to pay a price for that.
Episode 6May 28, 2017Aiden talks to Kody about accepting Lumine as his new bodyguard.
Episode 7June 4, 2017Kody takes Lumine game-hunting with him while Aiden has a chat with an old friend who brings dire news.
Episode 8June 11, 2017Aiden and Elena pick up Kody and Lumine from the mall.
Episode 9June 18, 2017Lumine has a chat with Aiden about Kody and school.
Episode 10June 25, 2017Lumine and Kody's first day of school begins, but things go very differently for either.

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