Long time no see.. Elena

~ Aiden

Episode 7 is the 7th episode of LUMINE.

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One day, a white car drives up to Neptune Headquarters. Aiden, who is sitting outside reading, spots the car and greets the person who steps out of it: his friend Elena.

After commenting on the other's appearance, Aiden and Elena make to enter the house just as Kody and Lumine, who are heading to the game store, exit. As Lumine passes Elena, she stares at him strangely. Lumine shrinks away in shyness at this.

Once they have both left, Lumine asks Kody about Elena and Elena asks Aiden about Lumine. Neither seems to notice how strangely the askers are acting and soon move on from this. Lumine and Kody arrive at the bus stop and pull out their bus cards. In a hostile tone, Kody reminds Lumine that he is only bringing him along for his father's sake.

Meanwhile, back in Neptune Headquarters, Elena and Aiden sit down and begin to talk about something Aiden calls one of her visions.

Back outside, Lumine tackles Kody to the ground, barely saving him from being knocked down by a car. Kody hardly seems to notice and dismisses Lumine's warning to look in both directions before crossing the road. Lumine however, suddenly sees the Black Cat Spirit around Kody's shoulders, but Kody pretends there was nothing.

When they arrive at the first game store, the game is out of stock. After visiting many more game stores, they finally find one that has the game in stock. However, a mint-haired boy reaches out for it at the same time. Upon seeing Kody, he begins to shout at him angrily and Kody takes off running.

Kody shouts back at Lumine to "do something" about the mint-haired boy, so Lumine flips him onto the floor, stunning him silent. Then it turns out that Kody was buying the game rather than running away.

Returning to Aiden and Elena, Aiden resolves to change the calamitous outcome of events Elena saw in her vision. He says that to do this, he must "kill that werewolf".

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