We would all be very grateful if you'd keep an eye on him

~ Silver

Episode 4 is the fourth episode of LUMINE.

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As the gun goes off, Lumine closes his eyes in anticipation. Surprisingly however, the "robber" has shot not at them, but at Aiden, who just entered the market. She pulls off her mask, revealing herself to be Sherry, one of Aiden's colleagues, while the robber Lumine kicked introduces himself as Silver.

Aiden explains that he got Sherry and Silver to pretend to rob the market in order to test Lumine. He officially designates Lumine as Kody's new bodyguard.

The next morning, Lumine wakes up at the headquarters of Neptune Defence Squad. As he gets out of bed, Aiden suddenly throws open the windows and shouts a greeting at him. Startled, Lumine falls off his bed. Aiden tells Lumine that they'll be doing an interview later and not to let Kody out of his sight in the meantime. Then Sherry walks up to them and drags Aiden back to his office.

After getting dressed in the new clothes Aiden gave him, Lumine sets out to find Kody. When Kody realises that his father gave them matching outfits, he quickly changes his clothes. When Lumine makes to follow him, Kody tells him to bother someone else. After Kody has left, Silver comes up to Lumine and quickly tells him to ignore Kody. He informs him of all the trouble Kody got into in the past month alone and Lumine panickedly chases after Kody.

In Aiden's office, he and Sherry are discussing assigning Lumine as Kody's bodyguard. Although Sherry is worried about this choice, Aiden reassures her that he has everything under control.

Meanwhile, Lumine is still searching for Kody. After looking all over the building and surrounding grounds, he is still unable to find him. Kody is then seen sitting in the attic reading, with the Black Cat Spirit resting on his shoulders.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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  • Kody is seen with a black cat, traditionally associated with bad luck, sitting on his shoulders.

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