You're a disgrace.. To all witches..

~ Kody's witch classmate

Episode 10 is the 10th episode of LUMINE.

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Kody and Lumine go to school, where Lumine is amazed and impressed by the large crowds of students. When Lumine asks if Kody sees any of his friends, Kody silently leaves.

Later, Lumine finds himself bored of waiting around doing nothing and decides to look around the school. Lumine meets another student and soon befriends him, despite his misgivings about him skipping class and thinking Lumine breaking into the school or getting kicked out by the teacher is cool.

After class ends, they look around for Kody but are unable to find him. When Kody sees Lumine with his the other student, he runs away.

Suddenly, a green spell flies past him and leaves a sizeable crater in the wall. The caster, one of his witch classmates, asks him why he is still in their school as she told him to leave before summer. When he refuses to answer, another girl shoves him to the ground and their weredog friend kicks him. Kody desperately thinks that if he ignores them, they will get bored and leave.

To everyone's surprise, Lumine finds them and stands up for his friend. When the witch girl hears that Lumine considers Kody his friend, she smiles menacingly and thinks "Interesting".

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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  • Kody is in class 7B.
  • Mauve-Haired Boy is in class 8C.

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