Yo! Are you skipping class too?

~ Elijah in Episode 10

Elijah, also called Skip Guy by Lumine, is a young man who attends Kody's school and is in class 8C.

Appearance Edit

Elijah is taller than most of the teenagers in Kody's class as he is one year older than them. He has dusty oriental pink hair and brownish eyes that appear black in some lighting. On the first and second days of school, he wore a red hoodie.[1][2]

Personality Edit

He doesn't like school or studying and even skipped class on the first day. He was friendly to Lumine when they met, but misinterpreted his situation as skipping class, being kicked out by the teacher or even being a trespasser.[1]

Plot Edit

Lumine found him skipping class on the first day of school.[1]

Relationships Edit

Calla and the Bullies Edit

He knows them and is friends with them.

Kody Edit

He used to be Kody's friend. However, something terrible happened between them, leading them to fall out.

Lumine Edit

He met Lumine on the first day of school and tried to become friends with him. However, Lumine is wary of him as he is friends with Kody's bullies.

Mint-Haired Boy Edit

Mint-Haired Boy is Elijah's older brother.

Trivia Edit

  • His unofficial name on the wiki was "Mauve-Haired Boy".

References Edit

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Navigation Edit

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