Why.. are you here..? I told you to.. transfer somewhere else.

~ Calla in Episode 10

Calla is a witch girl who attends Kody's school and bullies him.

Appearance Edit

Calla has a black bob, fair skin, and green eyes. In Episode 10 and Episode 11 she wore a black skirt and a pink-and-white striped shirt. In Episode 13 she wore a green shirt.

Personality Edit

Calla is cold, ruthless, and callous towards Kody, whom she hates for unknown reasons. Unfortunately for him, she is incredibly popular and the most powerful witch in school. Due to this, Kody is socially ostracised at school. Her parents wanting more power may have affected her view on others' abilities.

Plot Edit

When Calla and her friends found Kody walking alone down an empty school corridor, she fired a spell near his face and threatened him. As Kody refused to answer her, her friend shoved him to the floor and they began to kick him. Suddenly, Lumine found them and told them to stop, but she told him it was none of his business. When Lumine called Kody his friend, she smiled and commented that it was interesting.[1]

Calla told Lumine that Kody had an evil spirit following him that was causing his bad luck. She was shocked when Lumine revealed he knew that it was a cat. She was surprised to see Elijah when he arrived looking for alumina later.[2]

She continued to bully Kody on the second day of school, but was stopped by Lumine's intervention. She was mad at Elijah for standing up for Lumine.[3]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Calla is a witch, therefore she has all of a witch's basic abilities.

Spellcasting: Calla is capable of creating powerful spheres of green energy that explode on contact and can leave a sizeable dent in a wall. Mona also mentioned that she is the most powerful witch in the school.

Spirit Vision: Calla is able to see spirits, like Kody's Black Cat Spirit.

Relationships Edit

Bullies Edit

Calla is friends with them.

Elijah Edit

He knows Calla and they seem to be friends.

Kody Edit

She hates him for unknown reasons and told him to transfer schools before the summer vacation. She and the bullies physically and verbally attacked him during break on the first day.She shows a bit of remorse after Kody and Lumine help help get away from the human and weredogs and is surprised to see Aiden when she runs into him

Trivia Edit

  • Calla is the most powerful witch in her school.

References Edit

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