The Black Cat Spirit is an evil cat-like spirit that has attached itself to Kody, causing misfortune wherever he goes. Despite this, Kody seems to have some affection for it.

Appearance Edit

The spirit looks like a black cat made of dust with white eyes.

Personality Edit

To be added.

Plot Edit

It is possibly a cat that was killed by either Calla or Kody, but this is not confirmed.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Jinx: The spirit causes bad luck to Kody and anyone around him.It also is gradually draining Kody's life and strength away, making it so he will lose his strength and due years later if not gotten rid of.

Relationships Edit

Kody Edit

The Black Cat Spirit follows Kody around and causes misfortune and chaos around him. However, it has been seen rubbing against him and purring.[1]

Lumine Edit

Though they do not interact often, Lumine is aware and somewhat afraid of the Black Cat Spirit.He is seen talking to the spirit when attempting to get it to leave Kody before Kody woke up.He finds it harder to notice spirits, which is normal, according to Aiden.

Trivia Edit

  • Black cats are traditionally associated with bad luck in many European cultures which may relate to the story plot behind Kody's lack of using magic.
  • It is known that only witches could see the Black Cat Spirit, although Lumine, a werewolf, can see the spirit as well.

References Edit

  1. Episode 9

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